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    Reasons to Choose Professional Jewelry Repair

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Nothing is better than a fabulous jewelry collection. But if your jewelry becomes damaged or is missing any pieces, you may wonder whether it’s worth fixing. Fortunately, professional jewelers offer affordable repair services to restore these pieces to their former glory. Discover some of the best reasons to choose professional jewelry repair for your damaged pieces:

    Save Time
    Have you ever tried to fix jewelry on your own? Not only is this difficult to do without the right tools or training, but it can also be very time consuming! Avoid wasting time trying to perform quick fixes on your favorite pieces by visiting a professional jeweler. These experts know how to fix common jewelry issues, allowing you to spend your free time in other ways.

    Protect Your Valuable Pieces
    Your fine jewelry deserves the very best. That is why it is important to visit professional jewelers when you are in need of jewelry repair. You visited a jewelry store to find your favorite pieces, so it only makes sense to return to these stores when a chain breaks or a gemstone comes loose.

    Save Money in the Long Run
    Truly unique jewelry is not a dime a dozen, so some damaged jewelry may be prohibitively expensive to replace, or even impossible to replace with an identical piece. If you have fine jewelry, it’s wise to pay for the reasonable cost of repairs instead of looking for a replacement. Also, if you have heirloom jewelry that holds great sentimental value, you will surely want it repaired by experienced professionals.

    Get Professional Opinions
    Visiting professional jewelers for repair services is a great way to get more advice about caring for your collection. Professional jewelers can teach you how to clean and care for your favorite pieces while repairing the broken or lost pieces.

    Morgan & Company Jewellers offers a variety of professional services, including jewelry repair. Discover the many other reasons to visit our jewelry store in Los Angeles by checking out our website or calling us at (424) 652-5061.

    Learn About Luxury Jewelry With This App!

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Are you interested in buying diamond jewelry for yourself or a loved one? It is important to learn about the 4 Cs before purchasing a diamond to ensure that you find the highest quality of stone that works for your budget.

    You can learn about the 4 Cs with the GIA 4Cs for Mobile app available on the iTunes Store. This app describes each one of the 4 Cs—color, cut, clarity, and carat weight—to show how the Gemological Institute of America determines the rating for each diamond. Using this app can help you find a high-quality diamond for yourself or a special someone.

    This app can come in handy when shopping for diamond engagement rings or other types of diamond jewelry here at Morgan & Company Jewellers in Los Angeles. Discover what to expect from our selection by calling us at (424) 652-5061.

    Trust Morgan & Company Jewellers for All of Your Jewelry Needs!

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Jewelry is the perfect accessory for any ensemble. Whether you are buying something for yourself or choosing a gift for a loved one, you can always gain a smile by selecting the perfect piece! If you are interested in shopping for jewelry, visit the friendly experts here at Morgan & Company Jewellers in Los Angeles. We offer a wonderful selection and a variety of services to ensure a pleasant and successful jewelry shopping experience.

    Here at Morgan & Company Jewellers, we have been selling and repairing jewelry and watches since 1965. We have experience working with a wide variety of materials and styles, allowing you to feel confident with any piece you purchase or bring in for repair. Our jewelers can also create custom pieces, making it easy to enhance your collection with totally unique pieces of jewelry.

    Learn more about the benefits of choosing our store by contacting Morgan & Company Jewellers today. Call us at (424) 652-5061 for more information about our selection of antique jewelry and our professional jewelry repair services.

    Tips for Keeping Fine Jewelry Looking Great

    Last updated 4 months ago

    When you shop at Morgan & Company Jewellers, you can choose from a wonderful selection of fine jewelry! Our store offers antique and estate pieces as well as gorgeous diamond rings that are perfect for engagements and weddings. Make sure your jewelry looks great for years to come by following these maintenance tips:

    Store Jewelry in a Safe Place
    Many people think about what happens to their jewelry when they are wearing it, but what about what happens to your jewelry when you are not wearing it? If your jewelry is not in a secure location, separate pieces may scratch or damage each other. Keeping your jewelry safe and separated makes it easy to keep each piece in great condition when it is not being worn. Invest in a jewelry box or other storage device that provides a space for each of your pieces of fine jewelry.

    Know When to Wear it and When to Take it Off
    Putting jewelry on is often part of a regular routine. It is a good idea to know when you should put your accessories on in relation to your other routine habits. Lotions and perfumes can negatively affect the appearance of jewelry, which is why it is important to put your jewelry on only after applying all of these items to your skin or clothing. You should also take your jewelry off before removing your clothing or makeup. Avoid wearing jewelry when working with your hands or in other situations where it can get damaged.

    Clean Jewelry When Necessary
    You can remove any dirt or other residue that finds its way to your jewelry by gently wiping each piece with a soft cloth before putting it away. If your jewelry needs a deeper cleaning, determine what types of gemstones and metals are in the piece and then find out what cleaning products are safe for your collection.

    Start building your jewelry collection today by visiting Morgan & Company Jewellers! Contact us at (424) 652-5061 for information about our beautiful selection of estate and antique jewelry.

    Tips for Planning a Holiday Proposal

    Last updated 4 months ago

    The holidays are a magical time of year and can be made even more special if you choose to finally pop the question to your sweetheart. Planning a proposal takes a good deal of thought, especially if you decide to propose amidst the busy holidays. When you make a plan and have the perfect diamond engagement ring in your pocket, you’ll be ready to finally ask your beloved to spend her life with you. Keep reading for tips on planning a holiday proposal.

    Make Sure You’re Ready
    It’s normal to be nervous before you ask someone to marry you—sometimes nerves can tell you that you really are making the right decision. Before you decide to pop the question, make sure you are ready for the commitment and that you’re not just asking her because you didn’t know what else to get her for the holidays. Consider all of the time you’ve spent together, and ask yourself if this person is the love of your life. If your answer is yes, then you’re as ready as you’ll ever be!

    Be Flexible
    The holidays can be a hectic time, especially if either of you has friends or family visiting. While you may have a romantic proposal plan laid out in your mind, anything can happen during the holidays. Don’t be too attached to a specific way of proposing just in case something changes. Wait until the time feels right to show her the engagement ring you picked out and ask her to be your bride.

    Consider Her Personality
    There are many different ways to propose, from grand public gestures to one-on-one intimate moments. As you’re deciding how you’re going to propose, ask yourself what kind of proposal your fiancée-to-be might like. Gregarious, fun-loving individuals might like a proposal in front of friends and family members, while more reserved people might prefer a more intimate and private proposal.

    Before you ask your sweetheart to marry you this holiday season, be sure to choose a beautiful engagement ring from Morgan & Company Jewellers in Los Angeles. Call us at (424) 652-5061 to inquire about our collection of fine jewelry. Our expert staff will be happy to help you pick out the perfect engagement ring for your fiancée.   

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